What others say about Hugh

"You displayed real insight into the complexities I experienced and offered a thorough, wise and very enlightening solution.I have already seen the positive effects that working with you has had on my profitability.

I am sure that many lawyers experience similar circumstances.I would urge them to contact you and have in fact recommended your services to a number of colleagues."

Simon Gibson, Partner, Kirwans Solicitors, September 2004

"In my role as Principal, Hugh has had a transformational effect on my professional practice, in ways that I would not have thought possible.He has the capacity to look at situations with clarity, a high level of intelligence and infectious good humour and gives individuals the courage to know they can and must effect change.His mantra of “you have to do what is required” has been both one of the simplest and hardest things I have ever had to come to terms with as a leader.

I recommend him unreservedly – if you take him on, be prepared for some radical changes in your organisation!I cannot thank him enough for all he has done and continues to do at Kingshurst; we would not be where we are today without his work."

Ann Jones,

Principal, CTC Kingshurst Academy, June 2011

"Our sessions have been dominated by the very difficult staffing issue I have had to deal with involving a disciplinary investigation into managerial behaviour by a senior member of staff. I have found the sessions of particular value, not least by allowing me some space to talk about the various issues, but also as Hugh has shared a number of ideas of how I can take the process forward to a satisfactory resolution and more importantly how I can deal with the personal stress levels that the conflict has caused for me. The techniques that Hugh has introduced in order for me to combat the high stress levels caused by this long running conflict have been very useful."

Adrian Cutts

Executive Director of Resources, Lancashire County Council, June 2008.

Over the course of the year Hugh has worked with around 18 staff and they have been unanimous in their appreciation of his work. As principal I have witnessed significant gains in their performance and can unreservedly recommend Hugh for any support within the academy programme."

Eric Jackson

Principal, St Anne’s Academy, Rochdale.

"The improvements of the SLT’s personal and professional effectiveness have been remarkable. This is also true of the emergent and middle leaders he has been working with.I honestly do not think we would have had the recent OFSTED judgment without his work.(Outstanding Leadership and Management).

Ros McMullen,

Principal, David Young Community Academy, Leeds.